Testosterone boosters: Generalized Info


Testosterone is a very powerful hormone in our bodies that cause growth and development of muscles in our bodies. It is found in both male and female bodies, and used to maintain growth and development of organs in the body. Apart from that it is the element of the body that triggers sexual characteristic growth in male especially; changes like deepened voice, growth of facial hair and athletic bodies.

For this reason it plays a great role in the body and lowering in levels could cause a lot of noticeable changes that are visible for all to see. That is why there was development of testosterone boosters and therapy that is aimed at correcting these levels of testosterone. I suggest you check out https://www.themanlyzone.com/testosterone-boosters/ for more information.

Brief history and details

The steroid hormone testosterone was first isolated in 1935. Studies have been done over the years and it has shown how much importance the hormone has to the body. Testosterone boosting is common for people of old age and people who have abnormalities with normal production of testosterone. The synthesized testosterone is a controlled substance that falls under the category “ schedule (iii) “ of the FDA’s drug classification. This means that you have to have a prescription before you can obtain it. The FDA also requires the manufacturers of the testosterone indicate the effects it has on bodies of different people; risks of getting a stroke or heart attacks. This creates an atmosphere around the synthesized drug and safety issue that covers its use.

Uses of testosterone

Testosterone is used by people who have hypogonadism ( low production or complete inability to produce natural testosterone) or hypoandrogenism  (low androgen). Testosterone is used to boost the amount in the body and increase growth of muscles. The testosterone therapy is used by people who have low levels naturally as indicated above. It is also used by people whose bodies have seized to produce testosterone due to old age. The therapy is also in transgender men therapy and aims at giving them male characteristics.

Women also use the therapy especially those who have low sex drive and it is a therapy that is given to women that have has their ovaries surgically removed.

Athletes also use testosterone in doping cases to enhance their performance of the field, track or swimming.


Testosterone is not new to abuse cases and has been one of the most abused substance by people who look to build their bodies through training exercises. The athletes are also common victims of abuse. Abuse has a lot of effects; minor effects and serious life threatening ones which shall be broken down later in following articles. The aim of testosterone is correction of the body inability to produce its own testosterone and when you cross that line, abuse starts and the effects could be fatal.