Fishing the flats from a kayak – Part 1

kos2 Kayak flats fishing is my personal passion and it is my good fortune that I live in the probably the best place in the U.S. practice this sport.

The IRL is now a booming sport fishery thanks largely to the ban on commercial netting that has been in effect for several years.

Species like the Redfish (which was virtually wiped due the cuisine fad of blacken Redfish) have returned in great numbers. Flats fishing is primarily sight fishing that is seeing the fish you are trying to catch. A “Flats Boat” i.e. a boat used for flats fishing must be stealthy and able to run extremely shallow water.

The kayak fits this description to a tee. A kayak is low profile, quiet and capable of cruising over the shallowest of water. I first became interested in kayaking as a way of fishing the no motor zones of the IRL.

I had previously tried using canoes but found them to slow and also vulnerable in bad weather. A good fishing kayak offers the speed to search for fish and the stealth to approach fish closely with out spooking them.

redfish_very_smallI have modified several kayaks for flats fishing the kayak in the photo has several of my modifications including rod holders, silent paddle holder and bait well with an aerator. Since I first started using a kayak for flats fishing of I seldom use my powered flats boat. I have also used the Intex Explorer K2 Kayak in the past with good success.

The kayak for me is perfect I can out fish just about anything else and have access to waters restricted to powerboats. Another benefit of using the kayak is that paddling 10 or so miles while fishing gives you an excellent workout.

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