Fishing the flats from a kayak – Part 2

There are 3 basic techniques used in kayak flat fishing. The 1st and simplest is where the kayak is mearly transportation. Specifically, the fishing is done by wading the flats after disembarking from the kayak. The advantages of this method are several. First among these is vision. The kayak’s low profile is a two edge sword.

shearwaterlandingsmallHere at, I believe the fish cannot see you but likewise you cannot see the fish. Another advantage is casting accuracy. The accuracy of a cast is especially important in sight fishing. A foot or two can make all the difference between a strike and spooking a fish. Casting from a moving kayak is abviously not as accurate a method as standing stationary and casting. Fly fishing can be especially difficult from a kayak and many fly fisherman only fish from outside of the kayak.

The last advantage of wade fishing is simply comfort…its nice to get out of the boat every now and then. Finally, it is obvious that this method implies frequent egress in and out of the boat. This is another reason I recomend “sit on top” kayaks for flats fishing.

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